Pasture Delights


If you won’t be able to visit your pod to pick up your items, you can skip a delivery by accessing your subscriptions through your account on


To see step by step how to do this, visit the "Website" section of FAQ.

If you would like to try a different share item, you can do so by visiting your subscription, selecting the item you would like to swap, and then click the “swap” link. You can then choose the item you would like to receive instead.


To see step by step how to do this, visit the "Website" section of FAQ.

Store credits are available to subscription members who skip the delivery of their share items for one or more dates. If eligible, you will receive $9 per share you own, per date that is skipped.


In order to be eligible for store credit, you must provide notice 5 days before the delivery date you are skipping. Here are the steps to request store credit:


1. Visit your Active Subscriptions page

2. Select the items you would like to skip delivery for and follow the steps to skip those dates

3. Email with “Store Credit” in the email subject line and provide which dates you will be skipping delivery and how many shares you own.

If you are leaving for an extended trip, you may decide to use the “Cancel Subscription” functionality on the website. Please note, this does not cancel your maintenance fees. Also, when you would like to start receiving deliveries again, you will need to resubscribe to your items.


To see step by step how to do this, visit the "Website" section of FAQ.

Pod & Deliveries

The driver places coolers of fresh product at your pod’s pick-up location and removes the previous week's coolers and all returned clean empty jars and lids. The driver will also leave a product delivery report.  

Each pod location will set its own pickup time, with the intent to have pick up the same day as delivery to ensure the products will remain at proper temperatures.

You will receive confirmation of delivery by email and/or text.

Please remember these locations are people's homes and neighbours. Each pod's pickup window varies, so be sure to find out what is acceptable by your volunteer pod host.

Contact your pod host, and see if arrangements can still be made to pick up.

Only take the items that are meant for you. If there is an error, please contact us for a solution. Do not take a different product to compensate, as everything that is delivered has been spoken for.

Very easily removed by placing under warm running water for 5-10 seconds. Do NOT bang with any foreign objects to remove... a chip in the jar rim is as good as a broken jar.